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Want the tried and tested system that's been used by hundreds of savvy marketers for the past 2 years to create cash-pulling marketing web sites - mostly just by clicking mouse buttons? Read on, and discover why the Rapid Niche Websites System is the web site solution that you've been looking for.

The Rapid Niche Websites System Delivers ...

A simple point-and-click solution that helps you set up interactive marketing web sites very quickly.
Unique point-and-click software that guides you through your theme formatting choices and helps you set your stylesheet options with droplists of choices - no coding is required!
A carefully selected range of flexible web site components.
Add affiliate and PPC advertising with simple cut-and-paste.
Your sites will be based on the popular WordPress platform - so you will be creating fully interactive Web2 websites.
Complete documentation that leads you step-by-step through the site building process
How-to videos and tutorials in the Customer Support Site.
An active forum that gives you support during your site building activities
A Help Desk that addresses your questions on a one-on-one basis with the developers.
An almost-unlimited ability to enhance your website with a huge range of feature plugins.
An interactive site platform that is used by thousands of site builders - which means that you have access to a vast community of users and developers.

It's now possible for anybody to create a web site specific to their needs - regardless of their technical ability.

Some Customer Feedback ...

"Simplest and Easiest To Use Format I Have Seen On The Net..."

Jeff has taken SEO theory, and applied it in the simplest and easiest to use format I have seen on the net. The RNW format system has cut my work-load by more than 2/3's and I can easily apply the SEO on site optimization strategy with a few cut and past features , rather than spend hours manipulating code. I will be using this system on almost all my sites. Great work Jeff!!
Eric Gehler http://www.websitemonthly.com http://eric-gehler.biz

"I like the RNW package, and I already have other site builder programs !"

RNW will produce good-looking websites with a minimum of fuss. The tools Jeff provides are excellent, and the whole package - including the help you get - is more than your money's worth.
David Harvey Queensland, Australia

"I'm loving how easy it is to set up and alter the templates..."

It took me a long time to get around to buying RNW because I didn't realise that rapid formatter could be used to design the WordPress templates. - I thought RNW was limited to a few basic templates & that was it. It was only when I read a forum post that I realised it was so much more flexible - and I'm loving how easy it is to set up and alter the templates.
Leigh Cook Michegan, US

Seeing Is Believing - Watch RapidFormatter In Action

Rapid Formatter & The Rapid Niche Websites System
Select different page layouts with simple point-and-click.
Add sidebar elements (widgets) from a picklist of choices.
Design your theme's format interactively - with each mouse click and selection, you see the result immediately.
Change your mind? Simply choose another layout, and see the new theme format immediately.
And when you're finished, upload your theme files to your site with the built-in uploading (FTP) window.
Finally - no need to worry about customising WordPress - run RNWInstall after all your theme and plugins are on your site, and your site will be fully configured, and ready to go.

Sites Built With The Rapid Niche Websites System

Here are some of the sites that have been created using the Rapid Niche Websites System:

Treeferns Trout Lodge

Discount No Prescription Drugs Online

Digital Foto Info

Turnaround Specialists

Golf Goof

Hoodia and Weight Loss


100% Risk-Free Guarantee:
Worried? Don't be! Your success in using the Rapid Niche Websites System is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my
100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:
I personally guarantee that if within 56 days you honestly believe that Rapid Niche Websites doesn't work as promised, then let me know. All I ask is that you show me the URL of the site you attempted to create so that I can see how I can improve the product. Do that, and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.
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